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CLPB 2022 Generic Cactus League Professional Basketball is an original. The game was created in 1989 on a kitchen table in Tucson, Arizona as a DOS game (remember DOS? - maybe not). It was considered a remarkable achievement at the time, with many innovations never before seen in any game of any kind. That leadership has continued each year with major upgrades, new features & benefits, while always keeping up with the changes in technology.

Along the way, Cactus League Professional Basketball has won many awards for excellence and notoriety around the world. When Microsoft released Windows, the game was completely redesigned to take advantage of this new technology. Cactus League Games remain at the forefront today. Thousands of basketball fans agree that Cactus League Professional Basketball is the most realistic, accurate, detailed and fun game they have ever played.

Whether you want to coach or watch, or any combination of the two, Cactus League Professional Basketball allows you to make the game your game. Every season is available from 1946-47 to the present and you can play and merge teams and players from different eras, create your own draft leagues, replay the seasons with Actual Schedules & Transactions and lots more. It is all up to you! Find out more...


CLCB 2023

button new 45 left We created our first college basketball game back in 1993, which, in computer years, is a very long time ago. Cactus League College Basketball has been highly acclaimed and has been played by thousands of college basketball fans over the years.

Now over 30 years later, Cactus League College Basketball For Windows is better than ever. Our latest effort takes the basic building blocks of the game and expands on them to make playing and coaching college basketball even more realistic and fun.

top 10Cactus League College Basketball For Windows is designed to be a very detailed, powerful simulation of the sport, offering realistic coaching challenges and results, along with the ability to customize the game in an almost limitless number of ways to make it truly your game. But, don't worry. Cactus League College Basketball is incredibly intuitive and easy to learn, so you can get on the court right away! Find out more...


Tuesday March 21st,  2023

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