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AutoDraft is an add-on utility for Cactus League Professional Basketball that allows you to quickly, easily and powerfully conduct a player draft for any league (even AutoMerged ones). All you do is select the season and league you want to work with, indicate which teams should have players drafted automatically and which teams will be drafted manually and you're in business. The AutoDraft Module does all of the work by adding players to the rosters and maintaining the draft.

Cactus League Draft Expert System

Cactus has developed a sophisticated Expert System that is used when the computer decides which players to draft. Not only does this expert system draft the best players for the teams, but it balances the teams to maximize chemistry and effectiveness. You'll find it challenging to draft a competitive team when you're drafting against the Cactus Expert System.

We Tried It Out

Just for fun, we used AutoMerge to create a player pool of all players from the 1961-62, 1971-72 ABA and 2003-04 seasons to use with AutoDraft. We also quickly created a 4 division league, with 4 teams in each division, for a total of 16 teams. Remember, you can use any stock league or any league you've created with AutoDraft. We set the Draft  Order to 'Random,' although there are other options: 'Actual' (using each team's actual records) and 'Manual' which allows you to determine the exact draft order. You can also tweak the draft order before you start, by dragging a team's name to a different location in the Draft Order window. We let the Cactus Expert System select players for all but one of the teams and we drafted manually for the other.

Here are details of the main AutoDraft screen (click on the thumbnails to display a larger image): Here is how the screen looks before a draft starts: Cactus League Pro Basketball AutoDraftWhile you can easily have the Expert System make all selections automatically with just one click of the mouse, let's just see what it comes up with for the first selection of the draft. Click "AutoSelect" and: Cactus League Pro Basketball AutoDraftTo help you in making your selections you can sort the player pool any way you want and look at detailed statistics of every player. You can manually draft for any team you want. When it comes time for your pick, all you have to do is click on a player's name and drag him to the Team Roster window and he is drafted.

Download full-size screen shots of every thumbnail on this page plus many more

AutoDraft is an add-on for Cactus League Professional Basketball. Your must own the latest version of the game to use AutoEdit.


AutoPlayoff is an add-on utility for Cactus League Professional Basketball that automatically sets up and plays the playoffs for your league. We've researched the playoff criteria for each season, so you can play with the actual playoff structure of your season.

Or, you can change the structure, matchups and configuration to run your playoffs your way! Plus, you can choose which games to play manually (so you can coach or watch) and which to play automatically!

Statistics and Records are maintained automatically, separately from your regular season stats and records. That is the way it is done in real-life and, of course, that is the way AutoPlayoff works.

Very Powerful - Very Detailed - Very Easy To Use

Use AutoPlayoff With actual leagues, leagues you create, Or AutoMerged leagues. Like all other Cactus League products, AutoPlayoff was designed with attention to detail (It even shows you the tie-breaker rules that were applied in each situation), yet is incredibly easy to use. You can quickly setup and play the actual playoffs for any Cactus League Professional Basketball Season that you own, using the same seedings, matchups and playoff configuration that was used in real-life.

Or, replay the season and let AutoPlayoff calculate the seedings and matchups from your replay. You can even use AutoPlayoff with leagues you create from scratch.

It's All In The Brackets

AutoPlayoff displays the brackets graphically so you can see the matchups and your playoff's progress. Even though each season's AutoPlayoff Configuration sets up the matchups the way they were in real-life, you can change them to anything you want. Don't want the #1 seed to play the #8 seed? You can change it. Use your imagination to set up your playoffs your way. The brackets update as each game is played, so you are always up-to-the-minute.

Take a look at all past seasons and speciality season packages

The Home-Court Advantage

Each season's AutoPlayoff Configuration includes the length of each round and the location of each game based upon the actual rules used in that season.  But, you can change the length of any series and the location of each game with just a couple of mouse clicks. Want to make the 1st Round of the 1961-62 season a "best of 7" series? You can do it. Want to play the 2009-10 playoffs using the playoff configuration from 1955-56, when there were only 6 teams in the playoffs? You can do it. Or, play it the way it was played in real-life.

On Schedule

The Schedule Tab shows you the playoff schedule and is updated with the scores as each game is played.  This tab also shows you which games are scheduled to be played manually and the current series status.

Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion   Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion     Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion      Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion

The Seedings

Each conference's seedings is displayed in this tab, including each team, its seed and won/loss record.  Like all other aspects of AutoPlayoff, this is totally customizable. You want the Minnesota Timberwolves to be the #1 seed in the West? Just drag Minnesota, drop it the #1 line you are all set!  Of course, Minnesota still won't be a good team (unless you make changes with AutoEdit), but they WILL be a #1 seed.

Ties Are Broken

The tie-breaker rules that were in effect for each season are used by AutoPlayoff when calculating the seedings and matchups for your league. For those of you that want to know the "whys" of tie-breaking, click the "Tie Breakers" tab to see the specific rules in the order they were applied.

Simpler Times

AutoPlayoff is designed for every season. Playoff structures and rules changed over the years. For example, in 1979-80, the top two teams in each conference received a "bye."  

AutoPlayoff automatically defaults to the proper bracket and rules for each season. You can change anything, of course, but when you go to 1961-62, AutoPlayoff changes along with you and creates the actual playoff scenario for that season! Do you remember how many teams made the playoffs back then? AutoPlayoff does.

Want To Coach?

Just like the AutoSchedule Module, you can choose to play certain games manually or coach your favorite team all the way through the playoffs. Cactus League Professional Basketball AutoPlayoff is designed to enhance your professional basketball simulation experience with Cactus League Professional Basketball.

AutoPlayoff is an add-on for Cactus League Professional Basketball. Your must own the latest version of the game to use AutoPlayoff.

AutoPlayoff is not designed for Cactus League Professional Basketball Greatest Hits, Top 40 Teams of All-Time, Bottom 40 Teams of All-Time or 1946-47 thru 1949-50 seasons.

AutoSchedule Creator

We've taken something that is very complex and made it very simple.

Have You Ever Tried To Make A Schdule?

Making any kind of schedule is complicated. Anyone who has ever tried knows it. Now, you don't have to worry about it for your Cactus League Professional Basketball leagues.

Cactus League Professional Basketball AutoSchedule Creator is a very powerful, easy to use utility that automatically creates schedules for any balanced league in seconds! If you have a league with the same number of teams in each division, AutoSchedule Creator can create a schedule for it. It's that simple!

Very Powerful - Very Easy To Use

Start by selecting the season and the league (AutoSchedule Creator automatically scans your system for eligible leagues) and AutoSchedule Creator will suggest the Game Distribution Dynamics. To create a schedule using these suggestions, just click the mouse on the "Create Schedule" icon! Your schedule will be created in seconds and then you can, optionally, go directly to the AutoSchedule Module where you can play with it just like any other schedule.

Tinker If You Wish

If you want to customize your league's schedule, you can change the number of games that each team plays against teams in each division. You will see the implications of your changes right away because AutoSchedule Creator will recalculate the schedule immediately. This is a good way to learn about the complexities of schedule creation.

Now you don't have to manually create schedules for your leagues. Use AutoSchedule Creator to create your schedules almost instantly, so you can go to the hoop right away! We do the work. You have the fun.

Download full-size screen shots of every thumbnail on this page plus many more

Which Leagues Can AutoSchedule Creator Create A Schedule For?

AutoSchedule Creator can create a schedule for any league (even AutoMerged leagues) that has an equal number of teams in each division. It is that simple!

AutoSchedule Creator is an add-on for Cactus League Professional Basketball. Your must own the latest version of the game to use AutoSchedule Creator.

The Play-By-Play Editor

Now You Can Get Into "The Guts Of The Game"

There are lots of Personalized Moves already included in the game. You will enjoy them while you coach and play your games. But, we know that many of you want to dig in deeper. You want to be able to add your own Play-By-Play. Now you can!

You Can Tweak The Existing Moves Or Create Your Own

You can create a new move with just a few keystrokes. The Play-By-Play Editor walks you through it.

It's Simple - No Programming Required

So, you think adding play-by-play to a detailed Professional Basketball game requires programming skills? Nope. All that is required is a little imagination. You just decide what play-by-play you want to add to the game. Maybe it's a special move by a player. Maybe you want to include some more stats in the play-by-play. Then, think about how the move should be described and when the player does that move. Is it a special one that is only made when his team goes ahead late in the game? Or, one that he does anytime? Only at home? Only on a certain location on the court? You decide the exact situations when the move will be used and Cactus League Professional Basketball takes care of the rest. You will be playing a game, coaching your team, trying to win a game and Wow! Your Play-By-Play becomes part of the action! This adds a depth to a computer game never before thought possible.

Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion Cactus League Pro Basketball Is The World Champion


Very Powerful, Very Easy To Use
Try Anything With No Risk - You Can Always Undo It

If you want to customize your own moves, or edit existing ones, it's simple. And don't worry about messing things up. It can't be done. At any time, you can undo all changes you have made in the current session. Or, you can revert to the original moves to get things back in order. This gives you the freedom to try anything out!

You Can Include Game & Season Statistics Into Your Play-By-Play
Game and season statistics are already included in the game's play-by-play. But, now you can add more game or season context-specific statistics. There are hundreds of stats available and you can include them all.

It's That Simple

Now you can personalize your Play-By-Play in nearly unlimited ways with the Cactus League Professional Basketball Play-By-Play Editor.

The Play-By-Play Editor is an add-on for Cactus League Professional Basketball. Your must own the latest version of the game to use The Play-By-Play Editor.


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