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 Take A Look At Just A Little Bit Of What's In Version 2023

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You can't tell which team is in which conference without a scorecard. So many teams have made so many conference jumps that it's hard to keep up. No worries. You can be sure we keep up with all of it.

cactus logo trans Updated Conference Tournament Seedings & Brackets. You can be sure that each conference's tournament structure and actual tournament seeding will be updated to reflect real-life for each season. Plus, now you can change any tournament to play it your way!

cactus logo trans We keep finding them - Even More rare plays - many of you have told us that everything that can happen in a real game can happen in a Cactus League game. But, amazingly, we've found and added even more! They don't happen very often, so the more you play the bigger chance you have to experience one. And, in College Basketball, it can get really crazy out there.

cactus logo trans New Arena Backgrounds to add to the game's realism.

cactus logo trans We've Continued To Improved Team Chemistry Awareness: This is an area that we introduced last season, but have been continuing to fine-tune.

cactus logo trans You will always be up-to-the minute on rule changes. Every season there are changes. Some are small. Some are big. We are on it.

cactus logo trans Freshened play-by-play.

cactus logo trans More built-in "Styles," giving you even more options to configure the look and feel of the game exactly the way you want. These new ones add even more to your game.

cactus logo trans Now you can save your statistics reports as web pages.

cactus logo trans  Predicting The Tournament? Our games are not designed to predict the future, but every season we hear from many of you that Tournament Real-Timne, where you can play the tournament BEFORE the tournament, has helped you win office pools and predict upsets.

cactus logo trans Installing Version 2023 will not have any effect on the games you've already played and the statistics you've already saved. Version 2022 installs right over your existing version and you keep on going!

cactus logo trans Free game updates throughout the life of the version. You don't have to think about or worry about what needs to be updated. We'll blast an e-mail to you and you can get your upgrade from Your Personal Download Area at any time you want. We do the work. You have the fun. 

cactus logo trans More built-in queries for easy event searches.

cactus logo trans Every day we thank God for the thousands of you who play our games. We truly believe that we are blessed to be able to live in the Greatest Country in the World, where we have been able to create this company and these games and have them thrive for over 30 years. It is because of wonderful sports fans like you. The only way we know to say "Thank You" is to continue to improve it and make it more fun for you.

cactus logo trans All Set-Up For The 68-Team Tournaments. The seasons that had 64 (or 65 teams) in the Tournament will be correct too. Each season defaults to the actual Tournament setup for that year.

cactus logo trans Now you can automatically seed your tournament using results from your replay!

cactus logo trans MORE Cheerleaders! Of course we have added The Best NEW College Cheerleaders to Cactus League College Basketball Version 2022. Everybody knows this is the most important part of the game!

cactus logo trans We are constantly improving the game engine to increase accuracy, which increases your enjoyment of the game.

cactus logo trans You can have different Game Speeds and Play-By-Play speeds.

cactus logo trans Fully supports Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit & Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit and Windows 11.

cactus logo trans Updated Coaches - This feature alone represents hundreds of hours of research

cactus logo trans Each season is shipped to you with the actual tournament seedings and structure just like real-life, but now you can set up "The Big Dance" and Conference Tournament any way you want!

cactus logo trans Even with all of these improvements, the game shortcuts and commands are unchanged, so there is no learning curve.

cactus logo trans More "stock" box scores - of course, you can still design your own to include anything you want and look any way you want. Plus, now the default Box Score format for each season is what box scores looked like in real-life that season. Don't worry - you can make any changes you want to make your box score for any seaon look exactly the way you want.

cactus logo trans Don't forget The Tournament Computer . This add-on lets you play the tournament dozens, hundreds, even thousand of times, to see which teams are most likely to rin the tournament, make the Sweet 16 or upset a higher seed.

cactus logo trans  Every Official Cactus League Season works with Version 2023.

cactus logo trans  Play & Coach The Tournament Before The Tournament with Tournament Real-Time.

cactus logo trans Been with us for a while? Then, you know we never tell you everything new in our upgrades. That would ruin the fun!


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