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Cactus League COLLEGE Basketball


AutoEdit is an add-on utility for Cactus League College Basketball For WindowsTM that allows you to quickly and easily edit players' personal information, ratings and statistics. Plus, you can add players from scratch. You can even add yourself and play with your favorite team! Think of the possibilities. There is a seemingly infinite number of changes and additions that you can make with AutoEdit.

Here are a couple of examples of what you can do:

Add A Player From Scratch

You can add a player from scratch and assign whatever personal information, ratings, and statistics you want. Or, you can use an existing player as a "starting point" for a new player, then make any changes you want to fine-tune the new player. AutoEdit automatically recalculates the player's statistics when a change is made. All changed stats are listed in red:  When you have changed the player's name and anything else you want, add him, and he'll appear in the Player Pool window. Notice the + next to his name, indicating that YOU added him to the season. 

Put The Newly Added Player On A Team's Roster

Using the League Management Module, just drag your player to your team's roster and he will be part of the team

Tweak 'Til Your Heart's Content

You can change any player's personal information, ratings and/or statistics. Since this is your game, you can have any player him perform any way you want. All you have to do is make your changes and save them. Cactus League College Basketball AutoEdit takes care of everything.

Change Your Mind? No Problem

There Are Multiple UNDO Levels Available

At any time you can choose to UNDO changes you have made. You can UNDO changes for the active player only or for all players and for "this session only" or for "all sessions." If you UNDO all changes to all players in all sessions, you have effectively UNDONE all AutoEdit changes you have made, so all players will be exactly the way they were when you first installed the season. This allows you to experiment in any way you want without fear that you'll forget what changes you've made. You can always UNDO and go back to the season's original personal information, ratings and statistics.

Additionally, you can display all changes at any time and selectively undo any of them with two keystrokes. Or, you can quickly display a changed player's personal information, ratings and statistics to change any value to anything you want.

Cactus League College Basketball Cactus League College Basketball

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AutoEdit is an add-on for Cactus League College Basketball. Your must own the latest version of the game to use AutoEdit.


With Cactus League College Basketball For Windows AutoMergeTM you can quickly and easily merge seasons, teams, and players to allow you to play games with teams and players from different eras. Now, for example, you can play Wilt against the top big men of today. You can mix and match players and teams any way you want to create incredibly exciting matchups.

You can merge any combination of seasons, teams, and players from any Cactus League College Basketball season (or Speciality Season) that you own. AutoMerge also allows you to setup your merged conference's structures and populate teams' rosters. For example, you can merge all players from any team on any Cactus League season you own to any merged team with just one drag and drop operation.

League College Basketball
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AutoMerge is an add-on for Cactus League College Basketball. Your must own the latest version of the game to use AutoMerge.

The Tournament Computer

If you have ever said "I wonder what would happen if they played that tournament 10, or 100, or thousands of times..." then you need Cactus League College Basketball Tournament Computer.

Automatically Calculates Tournament Probabilities

Now, you can play and play and play the 68 (or 65, or 64, depending upon the season) team national tournament automatically and analyze the tournament probabilities. Which team is most likely to win the National Championship? Make The Final Four? Elite 8? Sweet 16? and on and on. The Tournament Computer even tells you the likely 1st Round upsets!

The Cactus League College Basketball Tournament Computer plays tournaments automatically, in the background, over and over and over. When all of the tournaments you want have been played, you are presented with a complete summary of probabilities, along with a complete detailed analysis of each team and how often they advanced to each round of the tournament.

Think Of The Possibilities

Now, you'll have advanced knowledge for your office pool. Analyze the matchup probabilities to make the most informed bracket decisions possible.

You can use The Tournament Computer with any Cactus League College Basketball Season you own, but it is particularly great for Tournament Real-Time, where you can Play The Tournament BEFORE The Tournament. Just tell The Tournament Computer how many tournaments you want to run and they will be played in the background. You can use your computer for anything else you want while they are being played. When the tournaments have been completed, the complete summary & detailed analysis will be available. Play a few tournaments right away, analyze the results, then play more. The results from multiple sessions can be appended.

As Detailed As You Want It To Be

Look at the Summary for quick probability observations, or drill down and get as detailed as you want for each team in the tournament.

Cactus League College Basketball Cactus League College Basketball

The Tournament Computer is an add-on for Cactus League College Basketball. Your must own the latest version of the game to use The Tournament Computer.

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