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Cactus League PROFESSIONAL Basketball

 Take A Look At Just A Little Bit Of What's In Version 2023 

CLPB 2023 GenericMinnesota LakersCreating a Professional Basketball Game that is faithful to each era is a nearly impossible task. But, basketball fans around the world have told us that it is amazing how devoted the game is to the season they're playing.

Pro Basketball Fans Know How Much The Game Has Changed Over The Years

Obviously, Pro Basketball in the 1940s and 50s was a much different animal than any other era. Many rules were different from today and, of course, there were no 3-point shots. But, there's lots more to that era.

Boston CeltcisThen, the late 50's and 60's with the Celtics changing how successful pro basketball is played. And, Logo Bullsthere was Wilt, the best player of his time, but could never get by the team-oriented Celtics.

You want scoring? Then, the 70s ABA is for you. The red, white and blue ball and lots of great scorers, many of whom continued as stars after the merger. You'll continue to feel the difference throughout the years, with Bird & Magic and the Celtics/Lakers battles, then Michael Jordan changing how pro basketball is played.

Logo SA SpursThe big men become the focus in the late 90s and early 2000s, with David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Shaq moving into the picture. Over the next few years, the San Antonio Spurs became the most successful sports franchise in the past decade, Logo GS Warrriorsshowing everyone that defense wins championships. But, Shaq and Kobe were still around and we can't forget LeBron. Each made their mark on pro basketball.

More recently, it's the Golden State Warriors, winning championships and setting records that some thought would never broken. There has been more and more scoring as the years marched on, the pace of the game has increased significantly and now there is more action and offense than pro basketball has seen in over 30 years. Amazingly, Cactus League Professional Basketball Version 2023 can do it all.

Play & Coach Whatever Seasons You Like

Whatever your pleasure, you can play professional basketball any way you want from 1946-47 to the present.

cactus logo trans  Hundreds more players' pictures - Rookies, veterans and old-timers all integrated into the game. Plus, you can add your own. Pictures are constantly updated as new players enter the league. You will see this when you play Cactus League Past SeasonsCactus League Professional Basketball Real-Time.

cactus logo trans Free game updates throughout the life of the version. You don't have to think about or worry about what needs to be updated. We'll blast an e-mail to you and you can get your upgrade from Your Personal Downlaod Area at any time you want. We do the work. You have the fun.

 cactus logo trans  In Professional Basketball, the end of each close game has turned into a chess match.Chess QueenWe are continuing to fine-tune each aspect of end-of-game play, including anChess White Bishopeven more intelligent AutoCoach and realistic end-of-game strategies.

cactus logo trans Complete new look - every screen has a fresh, even more contemporary look. And, of course, you can still change almost everything in and about the game. And, now you have you choice of two menu systems: CONTEMPORARY (where the menu slides up and disappears at the top of your screen) and CLASSIC where you have access to The Access System menu all the time. Your choice!

cactus logo trans We keep finding them - Even More rare plays - many of you have told us that everything that can happen in a real game can happen in a Cactus League game. But, amazingly, we've found and added even more! They don't happen very often, so the more you play the bigger chance you have to experience one.

cactus logo trans Any new real-life arenas are added to the game automatically. We have a boatload of new ones in Version 2023, beginning with the 2017-18 season.

cactus logo trans Improved Team Chemistry Awareness: This is an area that we introduced last season, but have been continuing to fine-tune. Version 2023 continues and improves upon the results of an extensive research project, analyzing how actual teams substitute and rotate players, as well as how they form "Team Units" to maximize matchups in game situations. Now, in AutoEdit, you can fine-tune each player's position to maximize Team Chemistry. Casual and serious professional basketball fans will be able to "feel" the difference. This makes for an even more challenging & realistic coaching experience when you coach your team against the AutoCoach.

cactus logo trans You will always be up-to-the minute on rule changes. For example, did you know that, beginning with the 2013-14 season, the Finals home court format changed to 2-2-1-1-1? Well, you don't have to know because we're on it and AutoPlayoff includes the change (and all others), automatically. Plus, actual instant replay rules are built-in. There are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) rule changes made each season. We're on top of them and integrate them into the game automatically. By the way, each season's rules default to the actual rules in effect during that season. So, you won't see Instant Replays during the 1969-70 season. But, you can change any rule, so if you WANT Instant Replays then, just change the rule and you'll get them!

cactus logo trans More information in play-by-play. Amazing how past game performances, game strategies and big pictures of the action like who's "on fire!" are woven into the game action.

cactus logo trans
More built-in "Styles," giving you even more options to configure the look and feel of the game exactly the way you want. These new ones add even more to your game.

cactus logo trans Trade Evaluator IMPROVED Even more to consider Team Chemistry. This is another area in which we constantly research.

cactus logo trans More in-game information: Out of Town Scoreboard so you can keep one eye on your competitors as you coach your game. Take a look:

cactus logo trans Installing Version 2023 will not have any effect on the games you've already played and the statistics you've already saved. Version 2023 installs right over your existing version and you keep on going!

cactus logo trans  Every Official Cactus League Season works with Version 2023.

cactus logo trans Roster Management In Pro Basketball Has Changed - Now, each pro basketball team has control of a maximum of 17 players who are available for each game, although only 13 can be designated as active for a game. Starting in 2017-18, the game automatically uses the players who were available in real-life for each game. Of course, you can change them if you wish. Version 2023 handles all of this, while previous versions do not.

 cactus logo trans  IMPROVED Personalized Moves & Play-By-Play Enhancement MORE MOVES BUILT INTO THE GAME - Now, your favorite players do their favorite moves! No-look passes, behind-the-back dribbles, step-back jumpers, etc. etc. etc. You might even see a tongue wag! Plus, you can add game or season context-specific statistics into the Play-By-Play. Hundreds of stats available to include! ADDING PLAY-BY-PLAY IS INCREDIBLY EASY! Many of these moves are built-into the game, but for those of you who want more, we introduce The Cactus League Professional Basketball Play-By-Play Editor.

cactus logo trans Quicker, Instant Game Activation - Now you get your Activation Key immediately when you order. You get 3 per product so you can play on up to three of your own computers. The Activation Keys are included at thge bottom of your order invoice. But, don't worry, just follow the instructions when you install & it'll be a piece of cake.

cactus logo trans Graphical Shot Charts - Now, at any point during the game (or after the game in the Statistics Module) you can display a color-coded analysis of where on the court each team is taking and making shots. And, you can see charts for every player so you can fine-tune your game strategy. These aren't just your typical Shot Charts. As usual, Cactus League goes the extra mile. You will have to see it for yourself!

cactus logo trans MAN DOES NOT LIVE BY BASKETBALL ALONE - Of course, we've added more cheerleaders. And, now they can perform automatically during timeouts. Believe us, gentlemen, they will improve your game strategy.

cactus logo trans A continuation of the biggest reworking & updating of the already incredibly accurate, fun Cactus League Professional Basketball "Game Engine" in its over 20 year history. Cactus League Professional Basketball has always been recognized as the most accurate, down to the smallest detail. Now, it is even more so!

cactus logo trans You can have different Game Speeds and Play-By-Play speeds at the end of close games.

cactus logo trans Trivia Game. Of course, you can still play trivia at half-time but now you can play anytime you want! MORE TRIVIA QUESTIONS INCLUDED THIS VERSON!

cactus logo trans Fully supports Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit & Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit and Windows 11.

cactus logo trans Automatically create All-Star Teams!  

cactus logo trans Freshened in-game play-by-play with EVEN MORE rare plays. You've told us that you can't imagine any play that isn't included in the game, but we found some more for this version!

cactus logo trans You can create and submit your own TRIVIA questions!

cactus logo trans Even with all of these improvements, the game shortcuts and commands are unchanged, so there is no learning curve.

cactus logo trans More "stock" box scores - of course, you can still design your own to include anything you want and look any way you want. Plus, now the default Box Score format for each season is what box scores looked like in real-life that season. Don't worry - you can make any changes you want to make your box score for any seaon look exactly the way you want.

cactus logo trans More coaching decisions. For example, you can now "Hack-A-Shaq." "Away from the play" intentional fouling is supported and improved. But, be careful. Do that in the last 2 minutes and your opponent will shoot free throws AND keep the ball.

cactus logo trans We never tell you EVERYTHING that is included in our world-famous Game Upgrades. That would be like your knowing exactly what presents you are getting on Christmas morning!

cactus logo trans Been with us for a while? Then, you know we never tell you everything new in our upgrades. That would ruin the fun!

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